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Services & Fees

At Otara Family and Christian Health Centre, our vibrant team is specially trained to meet the health care needs of families and communities. Our practice team has doctors, nurses, health care assistants, dieticians, podiatrists, midwives and pharmacists. 

Patient Care Information

You may not need to see a doctor to get the care and advice you need – our nurses, healthcare assistants and health coach can often provide much of your regular care. This is cheaper and they often have more time. 

If you have regular hospital visits, talk to us about having a care coordinator. They can often save you time by answering many of your questions. A care coordinator can also create a care plan with you. This helps everyone know what’s planned and what you should do when unwell. 

Our team works together to provide you with the best care.

Breathing Problems

Asthma and wheezy breathing check ups and action plans to keep asthma under control.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease regular check ups to ensure you are on the correct medication to get your lung health at its best.

Nebulisers and oxygen available when needed for urgent shortness of breath.

Spirometry lung health measurements with our nurses.

More information on asthma and COPD

Maternity Service

Our team of nurses and doctors can help you get your pregnancy journey started, with pregnancy tests, early pregnancy check ups and advice

 We also work with a team of fantastic midwives who run clinics here!

 We can also provide support and advice after pregnancy: including breastfeeding, mind health, leakages down below and overall postnatal fitness.

More information for pregnancy 

Women’s Health

Our doctors and nurses can do women’s health check ups especially tailored for your needs as a woman, for any season of life: bleeding concerns, pain, contraception (family planning/pregnancy prevention), fertility and check ups before pregnancy, referrals for termination of pregnancy, breast lump checks, cervical smears (checking for abnormalities and cervical cancer), and menopause consultations (when bleeding finishes as you get older).

More information on women’s health

Immunisations and Vaccinations

Our nurses are fully trained to give free childhood immunisations as well as additional vaccinations like the yearly flu vaccine, tetanus and whooping cough boosters, Pneumovax (to prevent severe pneumonia) and Zostavax (to prevent shingles). Several of these vaccinations are free if you meet eligibility criteria. We also have travel vaccines available on order.

More information on immunisations and vaccines

Healthy Heart Checks & Cardiovascular Disease (heart and blood vessels)

Our nurses do routine healthy heart check ups to assess your risk of a stroke or heart attack

Our nurses and doctors work together to do regular check ups for patients with heart and blood vessel conditions like previous heart attacks, heart rhythm problems, heart failure and strokes

More information on heart disease

Mind Health and Stress

Feeling stressed, anxious or down in mood? Our doctors and nurses are available to support you through times of stress, worry and sadness. We also have experience helping with difficulty sleeping and breathing well to relax.

Need to talk? 

More information on wellness and mind health

Urgent Care

An urgent care nurse is available any time during our opening hours and can arrange a doctor’s assessment if required. If you are unwell and needing to see a health professional but do not have an appointment, this service is for you. The urgent care service does not extend to routine well checks, certificates, licenses or forms – please book an appointment for these.

Sore throat, cough/cold checks

Our nurses are available for sore throat and cough-cold checks, no need to wait or book an appointment with a doctor! Save yourself time and money by seeing a nurse first for medical certificates and certain medications. If needed, they can ensure you see a doctor.

More information on looking after yourself with a cough/cold

Travel Health

For travel health advice, medications and vaccinations, book an appointment with a doctor at least 8-12 weeks before travelling to discuss any vaccinations and at least 2 weeks before to discuss any other health issues or medication needs

More information on travelling

Lifestyle Coaching

Our team offer lifestyle coaching for all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, whether it is support and resources to quit smoking, encouragement and ideas to help with exercise and weight loss, or advice for healthy eating. 

Tips for healthy living


Our nurses and doctors work together to do regular check ups for patients with diabetes (high sugar in the blood). Medicine reviews, foot checks, eye checks, and dietician (healthy eating) services are also available.

More information on diabetes

Sexual Health

Our nurses and doctors can check for sexually transmitted infections and discuss contraception options to prevent pregnancy. These check ups are just $10 with a nurse or free for patients under 26 years of age

More information on sexual health 

Men’s Health

General health checks especially tailored for men – earlier health screening for heart disease, stroke and diabetes risk, prostate checks, and overall wellness check ups.

More information on men’s health

Medication DNA Testing

Book an appointment with Dr Harley Aish for a personalized assessment on the way your body handles medications – including allopurinol, antidepressants, codeine, simvastatin, and warfarin.

Repeat Prescriptions

Request a repeat of your regular medications in a variety of ways – call, email, or request via Health365; can be picked up from the front desk for $8, or sent to your pharmacy for $10.

Urine or bladder infection check

Quick tests for urine infections are available with our nurses, as well as treatment if needed – no need to wait to see the doctor

More information on urine infections

Driving Medicals

Book an appointment for a driver’s license medical with our healthcare assistant and a doctor.

Wound Care

Our nurses offer routine wound care for injuries, ulcer dressings, boils and other infections.

Insurance Medicals

Our doctors are available to fill out insurance medical forms, please book an appointment and bring any forms with you

Ear Syringing

Our nurses are available for ear syringing for blocked ears.


To see the doctor:

Adults - Enrolled
Adults - Not Enrolled Citizen or Resident
Adults - Not Enrolled & Not a Citizen/Resident
Children - Enrolled 17 years and younger
Children - Not Enrolled
ACC Adults (Surcharge)
Drivers Medical Examination
Repeat Prescription
Repeat Prescription Faxed to Pharmacy
Saturday Fee - Adult Enrolled
Saturday Fee - Adult Not Enrolled

Additional charges apply for additional services. Ask the team for detailed information.

Not enrolled visitors must pay before seeing the doctor.

To see the nurse:

Adults - Enrolled
Adults - Not Enrolled
Children - 17 years and younger enrolled
Nurse Consult for Long Term Health Conditions

Nurse service fees:

Sore throat/cough/cold check-up ages 0-18
Sore throat/cough/cold check-up ages 19-35
Urinary tract infection (UTI) check up
Mental wellness follow up
Quit smoking visit
Sexual health ages 16-25
Sexual health ages 26 and over
Change of dressing
Repeat depo provera injection
Cervical Smear
Flu vaccination (not funded)
Negative pregnancy test
Liquid nitrogen - based on size
$5 or $10
Travel Vaccinations
Various Prices
English English Samoan Samoan